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Two companies… The one, a network of practitioners and futurists with a thirty-year record of helping their clients understand the forces shaping the future, and in turn devising powerful strategies to make that future a reality. The other, a growing startup building a reputation for itself as the “intel chip of innovation” – silently working in the background to empower clients to build new businesses. Both coming together to achieve a single purpose: To help companies understanddesign and create the impactful innovations that will power their business of tomorrow.

That’s our origin story, and as we build our business of tomorrow, we’re determined to aid you in building yours.


“Better than Harvard!”

– Maurice Radebe, CEO, Sasol Oil

Benefit from our holistic process

01 Understand


Strategy from the future

Our trademarked ‘Strategy from the Future’ process, guides leaders to understand the forces shaping the future and how to capitalise on them.

02 Design


Strategic mandate

We develop a Strategic Innovation Mandate to achieve exponential growth in revenue and stakeholder value, with separate targets for the Business of Tomorrow and the Business of Today.

Corporate venture fund 

In line with global best practice, a corporate venture fund is established to provide the funding and governance mechanisms for exponential growth pursuits.

Innovative workspace

We design and create truly innovative workspaces that inspire, and unleash humanness and creative thinking.

03 Create


Design Thinking and Lean Startup

Through our powerful prototyping process, Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies, we fast-track high-value Business of Tomorrow opportunities based on real customer feedback.

Building new businesses

With executive support, we build a portfolio of new businesses into sources of new revenue and profit. This is done within a tested corporate venturing process where risks are reduced, and agility and return on investment are maximised.

Identified opportunities

Simultaneously, opportunities are identified to optimise the Business of Today.

We partner with you


At our core, FutureWorld wants to help you do things differently, put your customers at the forefront of your efforts, and partner with you to deliver your business of tomorrow.

Understand the future


Understand the fundamental shifts shaping business and society, and devise powerful strategies for the future.

Learn from client insights


Connect with your clients meaningfully, using their insights to turn ideas and hunches into game-changing businesses.

Boost organisational collaboration

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution, ensuring collaboration across your organisation.

Enhance your team


Gain a team of practitioners, who combine experience with startup thinking.

Organisations that have learned from the future


News from the future

Our weekly publication of possible scenarios of the future, published as “news from the future”

Dateline: 22 March 2022

Your robot car needs a driver update

Computers can also make mistakes

Your driverless car does have a driver, but it’s not human, it’s a machine; or rather, a system, including bits of hardware and software, and things to make them operate independently and together. If it sounds pretty complicated, that’s because modern automated systems are. In fact, if it wasn’t for the sophistication of electronic components and their advanced programmability, we wouldn’t have reusable …

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Dateline: 4 May 2023

From Internet to splinternet

It just ain’t the global web anymore

It started with certain sites being blocked to protect regimes and minimize dissent. But it wasn’t long before we saw the blackout of the Internet in whole nations, for days. Now we’re heading for the splintering of the Internet into multiple networks with so much bureaucracy involved, we’ll likely run out of red tape. In 2016 there were 75 Internet shutdowns globally. Within a year it rose to 108 …

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Dateline: 27 February 2024

The new Dutch East India company is… Chinese

African government outsources its citizens to Alipay

They say history never repeats itself – but it sure does rhyme. In a move that can best be compared to the way large parts and populations of Africa and India were divided up and dished out to the management of private firms, such as the British and Dutch East India companies …

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