Clean fuel breakthrough – Hydrogen

Optimism and drive around the potential for practical and cheap hydrogen production continues. The potential future of hydrogen feels so tantalising considering its sheer abundance on our planet, as well as in the universe.  Indeed, in Hydrogen: overhyped or hypercharged?, one of our resident futurists, Doug Vining, recently put down his thoughts on the future of […]

Hydrogen – overhyped or hypercharged?

Hydrogen gas is one of the smallest molecules in the universe, made up of two hydrogen atoms bound together. It’s extremely energy dense and it only takes a spark to make it combine with oxygen in the air to produce water vapour. Hydrogen is explosive. Elemental hydrogen is also abundant in the universe, and found […]

10 lessons for success in today’s capital markets

10 lessons for success in capital markets – Louis Geeringh, Futureworld International Chairman

Change is inevitable. The challenge we face as individuals and in business is that the rate of change is increasing exponentially. With that exponential change, the perplexing question is this: what is the value of experience (skills, years of services, degrees, etc.) when it’s becoming outdated and irrelevant at an ever-increasing pace? Change, such as […]

Solar Power: 5 things you need to know

The growth of the world’s capacity to generate electricity from solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable technologies is on course to accelerate over the coming years, according to the latest edition of the IEA’s annual Renewables Market Report. Solar PV (photovoltaic) remains the powerhouse of growth in renewable electricity, with its capacity additions increasing by […]

Hydrogen powder – this could change everything

There has been much excitement around the potential of green hydrogen to augment and even solve our energy needs. Leaving aside production, the biggest sticking points for the development of the hydrogen economy have been the subsequent storage, handling and shipping of hydrogen. EPRO Advance Technology’s (EAT) Si+ powder product could revolutionise the burgeoning hydrogen industry, offering […]

The cosmic link between corporate strategy and company value

In my career as a strategy advisor and private equity investor, the conversation I most often have with CEOs is whether or not they should be responsible for the company’s share price. The common wisdom is that leadership teams can’t be expected to navigate the vagaries of the capital markets and most CEOs hold to […]

Plant-based food packaging locks in freshness

Realising the extent of the environmental harm resulting from the use of plastics in our society, there has been much focus on addressing the sheer volume of plastic waste in the environment. While there are multiple novel ideas under differing levels of development to address this problem, the past decade has seen scientists investigating the […]

Night-time solar

The greatest challenge facing renewables, specifically wind and solar power, is the fact that they are ‘variable’. Generation capacity fluctuates as a result of both weather and time of day, necessitating significant developments in energy storage solutions in an attempt to smooth and stabilise supply. A recent technological development offers a window into a possible […]

Smart Screws Revolutionise Preventative Maintenance

Screws tend to loosen over time, from vibrations and even temperature fluctuations. Depending on the application of these screws, the ultimate impact can be extremely costly, or even fatal. Typically, the loosening of screws is addressed through inspections, but through smartly combining IoT technology and some clever sensors inspections might be a thing of the […]

Hydrogen – Ultra-light storage tanks promise to make jet fuel obsolete

Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future with unique characteristics. (1) It has the potential to overcome a variety of energy challenges, offering a way to decarbonise sectors. (2) Numerous technologies are under development, with many already in existence, that enable the production, storage, transportation, and use of hydrogen in different ways. (3) The […]