Fund game-changing new ventures


Corporate Venturing

There is a relentless increase in the establishment of corporate venture funds and funds allocated to these as the mechanism by which leading global companies invest in game-changing new opportunities, and to protect themselves from disruption.  Have you considered how you will fund exponential growth?  Are you considering the establishment of a corporate venture fund? On balance sheet or with third party funding from Limited Partners, designed to compete with traditional venture capital? These are all questions we help you answer.  The outcome is a properly considered and bespoke permanent capital vehicle or corporate venture fund that will comply with the necessary legal requirements without constraining your agility.

Here’s how you can benefit from this offering​:

A permanent capital vehicle or a fund structure, with the capital requirements aligned to the achievement of your exponential growth targets


Support with fund raising from third parties such as banks and Limited Partners


A clear investment mandate, criteria and hurdle rates


Fast-track establishment based on our deep understanding of the required legal structures and processes


Your team, augmented by ours who have many years of global experience as venture capital investors and as General Partners in funds


Co-investment by Futureworld in new ventures

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