Futureworld is a network of business practitioners and futurists with a 30-year record of using their globally acclaimed keynotes and strategic workshops to help clients understand the forces shaping the future, and in turn, devise powerful strategies to make that future a reality.

Switch Innovation is a dynamic young company with a great track record in helping organisations create new businesses, design new products, and drive New Ways of Work.

The combined company is now able to offer an end-to-end process that will not only help you understand the forces shaping your future but will also empower you to fast-track its creation. Here’s what you’ll get;

  • A rewired leadership mindset that empowers your organisation to adapt and evolve
  • Game-changing new businesses
  • New offerings that delight your customers
  • New Ways of Work that make you responsive and agile
  • Insights that prepare you for a radically different future
  • A culture that thrives on collaboration and innovation

The new company will operate under the Futureworld banner.

The team is made up of experienced practitioners with vast experience in running businesses, innovating, and answering the challenges companies face on a daily basis. Members boast deep business and startup know-how, having engaged with organisations globally, across various industries, governments and social enterprises. Their approach is practical, challenging and focused on driving a real shift towards exponential growth.

Both companies are values-based organisations who share a passion for innovation and helping clients thrive in an exponential world. The combined company will continue to embody that same spirit, delivering on a collective purpose to help you understand, design and create your tomorrow.

Futureworld reaches far beyond its home country, with many organisations across the globe using our services. Contact us for more information on our growing global presence.

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