With the goal to break the ‘business as usual’ mindset and to provide fresh insights unknown or unseen by your leadership teams, our powerful keynotes shape cutting-edge thinking.

Top Keynote speakers

Anton Musgrave

Futurist, Business Strategist and Entrepreneur

Neil Jacobsohn

Futurist, journalist, entrepreneur, marketer and innovator

Craig Wing

Engineer by qualification. Entrepreneur by passion. Googler by Spirit.

Doug Vining

Futurist and Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Mindbullets Editor.

Top Keynotes

X Marks the Future

Digital technologies are deceptive, but will ultimately disrupt every industry.

Homo Disruptis

The world as you know it is rapidly changing: AI, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain, 3D printers, Self-Driving Cars, Unlimited energy, the list goes on and on.

2030 Revisited

Think of the amazing changes that have happened around us in just the last 10 years, from self-driving cars to robotics to alternative energies and new space probes!

Thriving inside the Perfect Storm

The world is changing in rapid and radical ways. It’s radically affecting all industries. Are you ready for the waves of change you are facing?

Colliding Worlds

Welcome to “science friction”! That’s what happens when worlds collide. Today exponential technologies drive new ideas, business models, processes & methodologies.

Technology Megatrends from the Future

New technologies emerging and making their way into mainstream society will dramatically change the way we live.

Naked Leadership

In the new age of openness and transparency, everyone – and increasingly, everything – is connected and active. There really is no place to hide!

Humanlytics: People before the data

Are people really your most important asset? If so, why are they leaving in droves?

Lessons from Alphabet

What’s Google doing that your company isn’t? Is it because they create great products, or because they have a great culture?

All keynotes are continuously updated and can be delivered in a variety of formats – from one-hour keynote presentations, to full workshops. Each one is unique, and adapted for you and your context.

Quantum Future of the Corporation

So, will – or should – the corporation of today survive?

Beyond Collaboration

New technologies and new social norms have made working together more pervasive, global and easier than ever before.

Firms of Endearment

A growing body of serious and recognised business leaders and luminaries are raising the debate on this big question.

Quantum Relationships

 In a fragmented and interconnected world it turns out that ‘relationships’, not people, are your most valuable asset.

Lessons from the Future

Consumer culture, technology and business models – we know what the world was like in the past, but what is the inevitable future in the coming decades?

Leader of the Future

A workshop that is nothing less than a game-changing approach to leadership, employee engagement and customer service.

Radical Innovation

What’s makes the difference between evolutionary and breakthrough innovation?

Thriving on Turbulence

This may seem a strange thought in these turbulent times: Are you sure you want the world to be more predictable?

The Future is Never Urgent

 How to understand the future, choose your opportunities in it … and make it happen!

GR8 Expectations (Go Beyond)

Think beyond traditional paradigms. Go Beyond current thinking.


A pre-eminent growth economy, universally feared as a voracious competitor; inscrutable as a market and thoroughly misunderstood.


What is in store for the world’s largest democracy in the next two decades?

Shift happens

The key challenge for any successful organisation today is to sustainably achieve high growth in an environment where change is ever increasing.

Life 2.0

Life extension, face transplants, gene therapy, designer molecules, stem cell organs and submarines in our veins?

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