Lessons from the Future
Consumer culture, technology and business models – we know what the world was like in the past, but what is the inevitable future in the coming decades?
Quantum Relationships
In a fragmented and interconnected world it turns out that ‘relationships’, not people, are your most valuable asset.
Firms of Endearment
A growing body of serious and recognised business leaders and luminaries are raising the debate on this big question.
Beyond Collaboration
New technologies and new social norms have made working together more pervasive, global and easier than ever before.
Quantum Future of the Corporation
So, will – or should – the corporation of today survive?
Lessons from Alphabet
What’s Google doing that your company isn’t? Is it because they create great products, or because they have a great culture?
Humanlytics: People before the data
Are people really your most important asset? If so, why are they leaving in droves?
Naked Leadership
In the new age of openness and transparency, everyone – and increasingly, everything – is connected and active. There really is no place to hide!
Technology Megatrends from the Future
New technologies emerging and making their way into mainstream society will dramatically change the way we live.
Colliding Worlds
Welcome to “science friction”! That’s what happens when worlds collide. Today exponential technologies drive new ideas, business models, processes & methodologies.

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