Every year your life increases by another year

If you’re young enough, you may never die. Seriously.

Think about it: If average lifespan keeps increasing, every year, then as long as you are younger than that, you have an excellent chance of living another year. And next year, the same, and so on.

Eventually there will be diminishing returns to medical science and optimal nutrition, but if you live in a highly developed economy, you may live indefinitely. Unless you get killed in an aircar crash or earthquake, of course.

But for most of us, death by misadventure has become extremely unlikely. Automated cars, planes and trains have reduced fatal accidents to almost zero, and emergency medical response is top notch, everywhere. Even extreme sports like mountaineering and deep sea diving are incredibly safe, with all the latest technology. Accidents are so rare, they make the headlines.

One of the major contributors to longer average lifespan is the Connected Life – what used to be called the ‘internet of things’. With smart sensors tracking our every physiological micro-aberration, and nanobots keeping us healthy, remedial action is always at hand to prevent disease or calamity.

Advances in genetic reprogramming are completing the picture for a never-ending life. We’re getting better and better at turning back the clock, at least for essential organs and functions; that’s important for physical and mental health.

So let’s celebrate. Here’s to a happy, extra New Year!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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