Global citizenship can be yours, digitally acquired

Freedom of movement finally decoupled from where you were born

In a world littered with dark and ominous reports, there’s finally some good news. Gone are the days when the place where your mother’s water broke, determined whether you would drown in visa applications for the rest of your life.

Before, only those who’ve won the citizenship lottery were able to criss-cross the globe to their heart’s content – free from spending hours and cash in order to beg for entry into foreign lands. Now, after the Global Alliance on Digital Trails has finally been given the go-ahead by the UN, the freedom to roam is in your hands.

The Alliance will allow anyone, regardless of country of origin, to create their own profile and upload supporting documents to generate a trust score. Governments around the world then use these trust scores to grant easy entry to travellers.

Spokesperson Addison Woo says: “We took the Chinese social credit score system and morphed it into something that gives the power and benefits back to the individual. While it still costs money to maintain your trusted profile, it’s a lot more affordable than multiple visas, especially when you factor in executive time spent in application interviews!”

Corporates are the first to jump on the ‘super passport’ bandwagon. You can now legally offer to forego certain employment benefits from a future employer, in return for a job, while raising your trust score to another level. Many would-be global citizens would rather have less pay in a stable city, than remain in what someone called a “sh*thole country.”

Who said big data and big brother always had to be bad? Besides, countries and borders are fictions created by humans, and it’s not like you had a choice where you were born. So why not allow people to legally game the system, increase global freedom, and reduce illegal migration, all at the same time?

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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