It’s an inside job

Black-market organ transplants performed by microbot

The WHO (World Health Organization) predicts an increase in illegal surgeries and black-market organ transplants because of the increasing capability of medical microbots. They are designed for patients to swallow, as if it were a pill made out of digestible enzymes. Fitted with tiny microblades or needles, they quickly move to clean blocked arteries, detect disease and treat cancer. Microbots are also useful for delivering medication to specific parts of the body and addressing hormone or metabolic imbalances, and can be tracked on scanning screens, as they go about their business inside your body.

The rise of advanced medical microbots has dramatically reduced the risk of surgery, reducing demand for specialist surgeons due to the increased safety, availability and reduction of costs that come with this technology. Only a couple of technicians are needed, with an experienced surgeon on standby, in case of an emergency.

This medical breakthrough has led to an increase in illegal procedures and organ trading. Coupled with 3D bioprinters and computerized lab equipment, unscrupulous medical techs are offering to perform a range of ‘specialized’ services, from repairing gunshot wounds to cultivating or obtaining replacement organs – all hidden from legal and ethical scrutiny. And the high cost of conventional therapy.

The microbots can be preprogramed to perform specific procedures, including anaesthetizing a victim and removing their organs. The microbots just need to be slipped into someone’s drink and a short while later the victim wakes up missing one of their kidneys. As the microbots metabolize naturally, no trail of evidence is left behind.

Police and forensic investigators are struggling to deal with this new rise in biotech crime, often performed beyond the borders, in countries lacking adequate ‘medical tourism’ laws and extradition treaties. Even if they suspect a ‘wellness retreat’ in some Central American coastal resort, there’s not much that the authorities can do, when it’s an inside job!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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