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Never pay for insurance again

Traditional insurance policies just became obsolete
Dateline: 15 January 2025

We all know how insurance works, or should I say, used to work. Life is full of uncertainties, so full of risks, that an unfortunate event could ruin you, or your business. So we take out insurance, and pay premiums, to recover from those losses, should they occur.

But if we’re ‘lucky’ and those risks don’t materialize, we don’t get our money back! Those premiums go towards paying out to the ‘unlucky’ ones, and profits for the insurance companies, of course.

Now there’s a new business model, that makes insurance obsolete. Called ‘Ensurance’, it takes the guesswork out of providing for losses, and prevents them from occurring in the first place. Sign up with EnsureMe and they’ll guarantee your health, safety, and security from personal harm or loss, depending on the contract you choose.

Using smart sensors and cameras, personal wearables and connected devices, all orchestrated by artificial intelligence in the cloud, EnsureMe tracks your health markers, notifies you of avoidance strategies, and will even call the cops if you’re predicted to be in imminent danger. If you subscribe to the premium package, you’ll also get full genetic screening and monitoring too.

EnsureMe uses smart predictive analytics and countermeasures to ensure that you don’t get sick, don’t end up in an accident, and don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk. Rather than insuring for compensation after a disaster happens, ensurance prevents it from happening in the first place.

Naturally there are contractual obligations on your side, and you have to sign the privacy waiver, which might make you uncomfortable, but think of the upside. Most of us would rather pay for a service that avoids risk, than suffer its consequences!

And you’ll never have to pay for insurance again.

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Warning: Hazardous Thinking at Work

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