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The self-promoting artist makes music on the 'net
Dateline: 1 December 2009
More than 70% of all recording artists say no to industry bosses. This is the reality says Groundswell.com, who has been tracking this space for the last five years. “We are in the midst of a ‘do it yourself’ revolution in the art world that has shaken up not only the music industry but also...

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Curb your robo dog
Delivery robots banned by city managers
Dateline: 8 December 2023
When DHL, FedEx and Amazon, among others, started experimenting with delivery ‘dogs’, cute little robots that could bring packages to your door, we thought it was a fun idea, and a sign of how the future would work. Unfortunately, it hasn’t turned out that way. Even though the delivery bots were quite agile and smart,...
Saying goodbye to the concrete jungle
Concrete crisis forces a radical rethink on construction
Dateline: 29 November 2028
One of the most visible characteristics of the Boomer years was the exponential growth of cities, with their ubiquitous skyscrapers and concrete apartment blocks. It was the magic of concrete – artificial stone and rock – that made it possible and affordable for cities to grow so fast. Buildings, bridges, harbors, highways and tunnels –...
OK, NATO is the new OK, Boomer
Fast growing economies dismiss old world policies and agendas
Dateline: 23 November 2023
Remember when millennials were bucking the system, and verbally giving the previous generations the finger with phrases like “Whatever, grandpa” or “OK, boomer”? Now it’s happening on a geopolitical scale. High flying economies, predominantly in Asia, but including countries like Brazil, Mexico and Turkey, are thumbing their noses at EU, NATO and OECD policy wonks...
Where has all the money gone?
Big corporations see shrinking profits as new technology destroys traditional revenue streams
Dateline: 30 November 2030
It’s a different kind of Black Friday; one where instead of firms going from losses ‘into the black’, their mood is very black, and there’s no sunshine on the horizon. The writing is on the wall, the corporate joy-ride has come to an end. How could this happen? For more than 40 years, we’ve seen...
Nowhere to hide
It’s not Big Brother that’s watching you
Dateline: 6 November 2028
Remember those spy movies from way back, when the bad guys could stick a microchip inside you, and track your every move by satellite? Well, that’s no longer as far fetched as it might seem, and who needs microchips when they’ve got SIM cards? Of course, many of us have been willing participants in the...
Is there anybody out there?
Starlink satellites succumb to solar superstorm
Dateline: 13 September 2026
Since the SpaceX constellation of internet satellites called Starlink has been fully operational, it’s been wonderful – fast and responsive broadband everywhere, no matter where in the world you find yourself. Elon Musk himself sent the first tweet via Starlink in October 2019, but that was on the original pilot constellation of just 60 satellites....
Desperately seeking sovereignty
Offgridding is the new luxury lifestyle
Dateline: 26 October 2024
There’s a new movement that’s gaining traction around the world at an astonishing pace. From obscure corners of Belgium to West Virginia woodlands, from the Australian outback to the South African Karoo to the Mojave Desert, homemakers are choosing an alternative lifestyle, off the grid. Some of these nascent communities resemble hippie communes, while other...
Solar panels are the new plastic bottles
Discarded solar panels are piling up in all sorts of unwanted places, not just e-waste dumps and landfills
Dateline: 14 October 2048
The great thing about rooftop solar panels is that they don’t require much maintenance, and give us ‘free’ electricity for about 25 years. The not so great thing about solar panels is that after 25 years, what on earth do you do with them? In the frenzy that followed Greta Thunberg’s assault on the establishment...
Electric cars targeted in new trade war
China accused of dumping as prices collapse
Dateline: 26 September 2028
China’s success as the biggest producer of cars – mainly electric cars – the world has ever seen, has led to a problem of massive over capacity. There are not enough adults in the world, with driving skills, to drive all the cars produced every year. Admittedly many of the latest vehicles are self-driving, but...
Global citizenship can be yours, digitally acquired
Freedom of movement finally decoupled from where you were born
Dateline: 5 April 2029
In a world littered with dark and ominous reports, there’s finally some good news. Gone are the days when the place where your mother’s water broke, determined whether you would drown in visa applications for the rest of your life. Before, only those who’ve won the citizenship lottery were able to criss-cross the globe to...

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