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Scotland's veto ensures their old British colleagues are refused
Dateline: 18 January 2044
In a blow for the aspirations of citizens of England and Wales, the island nation’s hopes of joining the EEU (Extended EU) have once again been crushed. “It’s a tragedy. Why can’t the Scottish recognize that we have changed. The old generation that hated membership and never understood its benefits have died out. We’re the...

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Capitalism is dead
Long live postcapitalism!
Dateline: 27 September 2031
Capitalism has run its course and expired. Now we live in the age of postcapitalism, a technology enabled society where work is disconnected from wages, and profit is tempered by purpose. Some people call it ‘technotopia’ or ‘luxury communism’. We call it the 2030s. We’ve been told for decades that capitalism was doomed, that it...
Coffee is the new black (gold)
Everyone wants a tastier caffeine fix - and an energy boost!
Dateline: 27 October 2028
Climate change, crop disease and deforestation – things were not looking good for the coffee bean in recent years. For some coffee connoisseurs, the panic reached crisis levels, and so they intervened, only to revolutionize the joe we all know. December 2018 saw the launch of Atomo molecular coffee – coffee made, well, without coffee!...
Flygskam kills the travel bug
As 'flight shame' takes off, Sweden's travel market bites the dust
Dateline: 15 July 2024
In a world where international air travel has almost doubled in the last five years, and is rising exponentially, one would expect an affluent market like Sweden to be absolutely booming; Swedes are outgoing, and love to travel. The absolute opposite is the case. Fueled by the impassioned monologues of climate activism enfant prodigé Greta...
Social cohesion now for sale
Politicians are now buying votes in the open market
Dateline: 28 June 2028
Why make promises you can’t keep, and end up with disillusioned voters? Rather enter into a contract, pay them to vote for you, and deliver on your contract; then everyone’s happy. That’s the new philosophy behind open, transparent bidding for votes, and it works both ways. Voters can’t complain about politicians whose money they’ve accepted,...
Big data is a double-edged sword for big business
Car manufacturers in trouble for colluding with insurance companies
Dateline: 29 May 2022
Big data has been big business for some time now. The more you know about your customer, the more you can personalize offers, and the easier it is to sell more people more things. Even better, you also get to on-sell all that data that your customers pay you to collect on them, to other...
Ownership lite
Sharing homes and lives, not just power drills
Dateline: 2 June 2024
Co-living has been on the block for a while, but it’s no longer a fringe phenomenon. You won’t see singles scouting for bachelor flats or studio apartments. Instead, digital nomads are co-living by choice, opting for shared residences that are part dorm and part hotel, giving their inhabitants private bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, but...
Trust me, I’m an AI
Smart software is so convincingly smart, we trust it more than people
Dateline: 3 June 2022
“Trust me, I’m a doctor!” is an old cliché, that we’ve all learned to take with a pinch of salt, but now there’s a new benchmark for trust. How often, when a friend or colleague spouts a factoid or news bite, do you check it out on Google for accuracy? And when driving to a...
Screens are so nineties
Now the rich are outsourcing their aching neck muscles
Dateline: 9 May 2023
Back when mobile phones just arrived on the market, it was all the rage to walk around with the Nokia brick in your hand. As the years went by, the more screens you had, the higher your status; laptop, tablet, phone, smart watch – the more you had, the better. Time and again though, what...
Remembering to forget
The art of anticipating the future is forgetting the past
Dateline: 22 May 2024
If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past decade, it’s that the future will be different to what we expected, and often surprisingly so. You’ve got to remember to forget. We’re now used to moon landings from private companies, and space-age internet that blankets the planet and is virtually free. All this using technology...
Bitcoin finds its base
It's looking a lot like gold
Dateline: 15 June 2021
We all remember the great Bitcoin crash of 2018, and the volatility that followed, but now it seems that the cryptocurrency is finding its niche, with investors at least. Bitcoin has been to the peak of inflated expectations, and through the troughs of disillusion and despair; the hype is finally (almost) over, and it’s emerging...

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