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Physical and spiritual worlds united

It has been a truth accepted by many that after life there is an ‘AfterLife’. While there may be disagreement as to its exact definition and characteristics, the idea of something longer lasting and more meaningful than physical life itself has proved almost eternally appealing.

Now, scientists working in a global coalition under the ‘L1fe Project’ for the past eight years have cracked the ultimate conflict between science and religion. They have formally established that the ‘AfterLife’ exists and have defined its properties by means of a whole new extension to quantum physics.

What has put the cat amongst the debating pigeons is that the ‘stuff’ of which the afterlife is made is essentially eternal – its ‘matter’ exists all the time – even before we die. It turns out this stuff could be the ‘BeforeLife’, ‘ThisLife’ and the ‘AfterLife’, all rolled into one, and an essential explanation for the ‘dark matter’ that seems to make up so much of our universe.

“We have essentially found a way of defining the ‘spirit world’ in material terms for the first time. There is still a lot of work to be done but it looks like we will be able to create a spiritual world just the same way scientists first managed to re-create organic life in the laboratory thirty years ago,” explained Chief Scientist of the L1fe project in their Facebook news conference hosted by the Nature channel.

“This is the biggest scientific discovery since DNA! We may even be able to learn to travel through parallel universes, and perhaps even time, when we fully understand the implications of what we have discovered.”

Already there is talk about outlandish business applications. From trips into ‘the spirit world’ to new and radical perspectives on holistic healing – scientists have opened up a vast new window of possibilities for entrepreneurs.

The new opportunities may prove to be as mind-boggling as they are timeless.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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