Tallest building in the world erected in record time

China has done it again. After building a 15-storey hotel in six days, and a 30-storey block in 15 days, Chinese construction company BSB has built the world’s tallest building – over 200 floors – in just 100 days!

The components needed for this amazing feat were pre-prepared in their factory. Then, in a coordinated, nonstop effort, the pieces were assembled like giant Lego, reaching higher than any building in the world.

Working 24 hours per day, BSB runs a construction project like a military machine. The slabs and girders are trucked in to the site on a ‘just-in-time’ basis, while the cranes extend ever upwards as the building grows.

Watching the project on time-lapse video reminds one of a great plant growing out of the ground, attended by a swarm of ants and beetles, day and night. Modular teams complete the finishes in the lower section while the tops floors are being erected.

Yet the building is also perfectly safe, and able to withstand massive earthquakes. That’s because, long before the first slab is laid, the entire construction has been simulated and modeled on specialized computer systems, and each component has been subjected to rigorous quality controls, before leaving the factory.

In actual fact, the full project takes years, but pre-fabrication is done on an assembly line, so time to completion is shorter, and final assembly is measured in days. Now China can boast the world’s tallest building – and in record time.

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