Networks collapse as Machine-to-Machine app connects users

The source of a viral Application giving smartphone users free connectivity was revealed at the World Broadband Conference today. It is a rogue App using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) links and it is progressively connecting every 4G digital device worldwide.

Phone makers have confirmed that M2M technology is embedded in recent devices, ready to launch premium services like the dating App ‘MeetMe’. This was set to use the M2M links to enable users to recognize each other, but now the App has jumped to any unprotected device and gone viral.

This rogue App was under development in a software lab with the intention of improving antenna problems on Apple’s iPhone4G. An engineer identified as “Chip” tested the incomplete version on his own phone.

The viral spread started as Chip mingled in his favourite Sacramento bar that night. His iNTELi phone automatically linked with others and created its own network. The App leapfrogs networks using M2M connectivity through any device within range to hunt for a stronger signal.

The incomplete software is not properly coded to redirect the signal back to the network, so connectivity just runs wild, progressively linking devices in range of each other. The mesh network capabilities of the smartphone software takes care of the rest. With no means to control the viral App at network servers, it is creating an ever expanding web of connectivity.

Network revenue worldwide is declining as attempts to control the virus have failed, but users are delighted by free calls which bypass network charges. Today an industry spokesman confirmed, “We cannot beat this App without reprogramming every infected 4G device. So far, customers are not volunteering to download the official fix.”

Networks represented at today’s conference proposed to regain revenue streams by rushing forward a whole new device platform – before encouraging customers to buy new phones and return to paying for their phone services. Consumer groups say that paying for calls is a thing of the past, thanks to M2M technology!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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