Smartwear can save your life

Beyond digital disguise, privacy and health tracking

No doubt you’re unimpressed by ads for ‘smart’ wearables that can change your life. Whether it’s the latest gear or fitbit or smart watch, it’s just another wearable gadget that connects you, or measures and tracks your personal data, right? Sure, you can get health alerts, but it’s not like personal protection equipment or body armour.

Polaroid Smartwear is different. With a range of fashion accessories, from bracelets, sunglasses and scarves to necklaces and caps, Smartwear is active protection against digital surveillance, biohacking, and even contagious virus infections.

Smartwear accessories produce ultrasonic frequencies that block active microphones, keeping Alexa and Siri guessing; they literally can’t hear your conversation, no matter how loudly you speak. Caps and sunglasses blur facial recognition scanners with infrared beams, invisible to your friends, but blinding to digital cameras. Your privacy is assured.

But what really sets Smartwear apart is the ability to block organic pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, from getting up your nose, or into your eyes. Terahertz wave emissions sterilize the air around your face and hands; it’s better than gloves and a surgical mask!

It’s like having your own, personalized force field, an electronic aura that stymies any attempt to invade your personal space, or hack your biosystems. And best of all, it’s smart enough to auto-magically suspend if you need to make a call.

Social introverts can relax. Now you can get out there, speak your mind and interact with people, free from worry that you’ll be tracked, shamed or spied on; or catch a coronavirus.

Smartwear – fashion that makes you fearless!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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