Something new is for dinner

Tempura crickets and locust mince are leaving diners bug-eyed

For years, insect enthusiasts have been trying to get more people to join the bug buffet, but to no avail. In 2014 only about two billion people indulged in entomophagy, or insect eating; but that number has doubled within a decade.

A culmination of events brought about the change in behaviour. Brazil and India, the biggest exporters of beef globally, have been struck by disaster simultaneously. Severe droughts in Brazil and an unidentified pest reminiscent of foot-and-mouth disease in India have left the world with a calamitous protein shortfall.

Climate change activists are smirking “We told you so!” as the livestock industry has always been notorious for being resource-heavy and for being one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. But hindsight doesn’t solve the food problem.

A total of 7.8 billion people are now calling the earth their home and many of us do not know how to fill our plates with a balanced meal. Foresighted food companies like Smith & Wallis and Foody have been filling the void with caterpillar patties and grasshopper sausage; and hungry customers have been trying it – and liking it too!

More people are learning that one serving of caterpillar has more protein than a serving of beef and dieters are jumping on the bug-wagon, some out of choice, others out of necessity. The UN couldn’t be happier and believes that this marks a momentous change for the future of hunger and the environment.

It’s only the praying mantises who are suffering – they should have prayed harder for their salvation!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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