Jeanne Herbst

Experiance Designer

Jeanne is passionate about accelerating an experience by transporting people and their teams from the ordinary into a consciously designed environment geared to facilitate insight and change. With nine years’ industry experience in managing the successful co-ordination of consciously designed events (i.e. those that enable facilitation of innovation and growth strategy development and execution), Jeanne’s most notable work includes the ABSA Equinox and Deloitte Greenhouse teams. Here she managed a seamless execution of administration process value-chain and translation of requirements into fit-for-purpose experience, as well as effective supervision of the experience teams, external speakers and suppliers.Jeanne enjoys working in a team environment, but also works independently with self-direction. She has successfully designed facility operational due diligence and gap analysis, as well as worked on design and development of operational playbooks, experience libraries, service provider “little black books” and SLAs.

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