We create game-changing new businesses that unlock exponential growth.

This is where we move to commercialization – building game-changing new businesses with the ability to move the dial on performance.

Our team of future-thinkers and challengers at heart includes entrepreneurs with a distinguished track record of identifying opportunities and building successful new businesses.

When we say we ‘create tomorrow together’, we truly mean it. We don’t simply design a growth strategy and walk away. We actively partner with our clients, co-investing alongside them to build game-changing businesses of tomorrow that unlock exponential growth.

Creating tomorrow together.

Futureworld approach | Building new businesses

We build game-changing new businesses to unlock exponential growth.

Futureworld co-investment model building new business

We co-invest alongside our clients to build the business of tomorrow.

How are we different?

We are a strategy partner like no other. We don’t develop a strategy and walk away. We ensure the strategy is implemented correctly and co-invest with our clients to build new businesses.

Where traditional advisors start with legacy performance, we start with a view of what the world could look like in the future and work backwards from there.

Traditional views are constrained by existing market realities and ‘best-practice’. We uncover the actions needed today to ensure successful tomorrow, unconstrained by those parameters.

By the time traditional strategies are approved, they’re often irrelevant. We simplify the communication of strategies to ensure agile and rapid implementation.

With over three decades’ experience helping business leaders understand the future, designing exponential growth strategies, and creating game-changing new businesses, you couldn’t be in safer hands.

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Are you ready to create tomorrow together? 
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Questions about the Create phase.

How does Futureworld co-invest to build new businesses?
Futureworld will never propose a client invests in a new business if we are not prepared to invest in it ourselves. Once the bankable business plan is firmed up and the capital requirements defined, we co-invest our capital alongside that of our clients – not in sweat equity or other forms. Equity investments are on the same terms as clients for our pro rata share.
What are ‘corporate venture capital vehicles’ and how are they used to build new businesses?
Corporate venture capital vehicles share many of the design parameters of private equity or venture capital. A fund is established with a predetermined capital commitment, from which a portfolio of investments is made. Investment criteria are shaped by the fund size and other considerations. A key difference is that one organization will be the anchor investor – or Limited Partner (LP), and the structure enables funding to be sourced from other LPs as well. The corporate venture vehicle will have its own dedicated capacity and leadership team and typically benefits from access to the resources, distribution channels, and network of the anchor LP.
What makes Futureworld different to other strategy consulting companies?

Our only focus is to help our clients better understand the future, design exponential growth strategies, and build game-changing new businesses. Our offering therefore extends beyond strategy development. Moreover, we don’t do cost reduction or operational improvement work. We are laser focused on working alongside our clients to turn their big dreams into reality. The evidence is a portfolio of game-changing new businesses, in which we co-invest alongside our clients.

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