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Futureworld is a strategy partner like no other. For over three decades, our experienced team has helped business leaders unlock exponential growth. 

We build future-ready businesses with extraordinary value propositions that completely change the game. 

General FAQs

We’ve been helping organizations understand, design and create their futures for over 30 years.

We are a global strategy advisory and implementation business with clients, business partners, and a network of futurists all over the world.

We partner with leading organizations across all industries across the globe. Many are large, multinational organizations or government entities. For Futureworld, industry has become an antiquated concept. Increasingly, opportunities emerge at the intersect of industries, where new ones are defined all the time. We are therefore industry-agnostic and opportunity-focused.

Yes, our network of futurists and experienced strategy practitioners facilitate inspirational, large corporate strategy workshops, and intimate executive conversations. We deliver unique keynotes that supercharge thinking and generate results for organizations and their leadership teams. We do this by significantly raising their growth aspirations and what they believe can be achieved in future. The outcomes are packaged in an inspirational corporate strategy or mandate document that will be loved by boards, leaders, and employees alike. We believe the true test is whether a strategy can eventually be captured on one inspiring page – not a 500-page document that is outdated as soon as it is published and gathers dust as a door stop.

We are more than a strategy partner. Using our proprietary Strategy from the Future™ process, we help organizations better understand the future environment they will encounter – as businesses, as society, and as humans. We then help to design a future-focused exponential growth strategy, simplify the communication of the strategy, and work alongside our clients to commercialize a portfolio of game-changing new businesses. We also co-invest alongside our clients in these businesses where appropriate.

We structure our pricing based on the specifics of each engagement, taking into consideration our client’s needs and requirements and the type of service required (strategy facilitation, advisory, corporate finance, commercialization services, etc.) We typically quote a fixed fee per engagement that is reflective of the anticipated effort and resource requirements. However, it is rarely open-ended or based on variable hours times a rate. Most importantly, we guarantee client satisfaction. If clients don’t believe they have received more value than what we charged, our engagements can be terminated without any recourse. Thankfully, no client has ever requested to invoke this clause.

FAQs about our Approach

Our only focus is to help our clients better understand the future, design exponential growth strategies, and build game-changing new businesses. Our offering extends beyond strategy development. We don’t offer cost reduction or operational improvement services. We are laser focused on helping our clients develop exponential growth strategies and we work alongside side them to turn big dreams into reality. The evidence is a portfolio of game-changing new businesses, in which we co-invest alongside our clients.

Often (frankly, mostly) the point of departure for corporate strategy processes is wrong. It starts with ‘where are we today?’ This results in incremental, convergent thinking. The outcome is typically last year plus x% growth. The point of departure for Strategy from the Future™ is what will the world look like in, say, 10 years’ time? We take our clients on a journey to the future helping them visualize the opportunities it holds. We then design an exponential growth strategy with a bold ambition and work backwards to identify the changes required today to allow our clients to build their business of tomorrow. Our approach requires divergent, exponential thinking.

An exponential growth strategy is not linear growth based on a historic compound annual growth rate. It is a blueprint for identifying new business opportunities through which organizations can disrupt the market and devastate incumbents. The impact starts off as a ripple on the horizon, often unnoticed. However, its momentum and impact doubles every year, until it becomes a tsunami that causes mass extinction of existing propositions in short order. Think of DVDs and CDs being replaced by digital downloads. Often organizations miss disruptive propositions because, when they notice it they believe it to be too small to warrant management attention. By the time it does, it is too late. Futureworld starts by looking at the future and identifying new playing fields for clients and specific business opportunities within these playing fields to supercharge shareholder and stakeholder value.

At Futureworld, we spend very little time looking at trends, for the simple reason that trends are already well known in the market. Instead, we identify signals. Signals are the market forces shaping the future. Organizations that invest in trends typically overpay when it is too late. We believe in identifying the signals that can be shaped into game-changing new businesses over time before others do.

At Futureworld, we stand behind the work we do so resolutely that we are prepared to invest capital alongside our clients to bring our game-changing exponential growth strategies to fruition. We often drive the commercialization of new businesses as ‘interim CEO and leadership team’. We fully align our interests with those of our clients and believe in sharing value when we create it. We don’t just provide advice and develop a business plan and spreadsheet that indicates future potential. We stand by our recommendations, putting our own capital to work to implement the plan.

Our futurists – or gurus, as we call them –  are an important component in our Strategy from the Future™ process. They help our clients better understand the future market forces and the impact on business, society, and people, enabling them to see the possibilities a fast-changing future holds.

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