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Businesses in commercialization

The game-changing opportunities we identify translate into new business ventures that deliver exponential growth for our clients.

Industry leading partnerships to supercharge our impact

We have an extensive list of global client references

We have an extensive list of global client references

What we hear from our clients

Country leader, Scandinavian power resources manufacturer

“Unparalleled out-of-the-box thinking that everybody should experience at least once”.

CEO, European-listed rail and logistics operator

“Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for your role as Chief Influencer in our new strategic direction. Thank you”.

Country CEO, global investment and retail bank

“Please know that you have played and is still playing a big role in our journey and we look forward to keeping you close and working with you even more in future!”

CEO, globally listed gold mining company

"Just one of the businesses we're developing, will pay for the entire process – every year, for the next five years”.

CEO, multinational listed paper and packaging group

“Our investment in this process paid for itself 3 times over in less than 18 months”.

British-knighted founder of a global consumer brand

"I haven't seen the challenges and opportunities of future business, communities and people so powerfully presented before. Futureworld reminded me exactly of what went right and wrong in our business."

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