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Life 2.0
Life extension, face transplants, gene therapy, designer molecules, stem cell organs and submarines in our veins?
Shift happens
The key challenge for any successful organisation today is to sustainably achieve high growth in an environment where change is ever increasing.
What is in store for the world’s largest democracy in the next two decades?
A pre-eminent growth economy, universally feared as a voracious competitor; inscrutable as a market and thoroughly misunderstood.
GR8 Expectations (Go Beyond)
Think beyond traditional paradigms. Go Beyond current thinking.
The Future is Never Urgent
How to understand the future, choose your opportunities in it … and make it happen!
Thriving on Turbulence
This may seem a strange thought in these turbulent times: Are you sure you want the world to be more predictable?
Radical Innovation
Innovation is fast becoming the commercial religion of the 21st century. Everyone’s doing it, so how can you differentiate yourself? What’s makes the difference between evolutionary and breakthrough innovation? Mankind has always used tools as a means to amplify the body and mind. Our success in this regard has made us the dominant species. Today,...
Leader of the Future
A workshop that is nothing less than a game-changing approach to leadership, employee engagement and customer service.
Lessons from the Future
Consumer culture, technology and business models – we know what the world was like in the past, but what is the inevitable future in the coming decades?

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