We help you understand the forces shaping the future.

Through our unique Strategy from the Future™ process, we help our clients understand the tsunamis of change disrupting business and society.

We shatter the business-as-usual mindset and create a transformational purpose and exponential growth ambition. We use deep outside-in research to identify game-changing opportunities. 

Through this provocative and unconventional approach, we enable business leaders to reimagine the future and invest in the businesses of tomorrow.

The journey to understanding begins with thinking differently.

We identify signals from the future that require a call-to-action today.

Futureworld's approach to market research

We provide thought-provoking insights through our global network of gurus and futurists.

We design and deliver high-impact leadership experiences that create momentum for change.

How do we do it?

Our Strategy from the Future™  process uses a combination of divergent thinking and outside-in market research to identify future forces that will create large-scale opportunities. 

We conduct deep outside-in research and analysis, using proprietary tools and techniques to generate integrated insights, on the current and future competitor, technology, and investment landscapes.

We understand existing capabilities and resources, and identify guardrails, or no-go areas, to determine major playing fields where game-changing new opportunities will be identified.

Through in-depth research and synthesis, we identify, assess, refine, and prioritise game-changing opportunities based on the impact they will have on our clients’ businesses.

Armed with a priorized view of game-changing opportunities, we begin the Design phase, where we design exponential growth strategies to supercharge growth. 

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Questions about the Understand phase.

How does Futureworld conduct ‘deep outside-in research’?

As part of our journey to understand the many opportunities that the future presents, we conduct thorough research using various ‘lenses’. The point of departure is not the organization as it is today, but rather the role the organization can play in a rapidly-changing future. To do this, we use unorthodox lenses, such as shareholder value analytics, intellectual property, new fierce competitors, industry convergence, and disruption to synthesize our research into robust, strategic market insights, which include new playing fields and specific game-changing opportunities emerging in those playing fields.

How does ‘divergent thinking’ differentiate the Futureworld process?

We use divergent thinking to help visualize a range of possible future scenarios and opportunities in an unconstrained way. Our process is based on sound market insights and synthesis of the signals shaping the future.

How does Futureworld determine whether an opportunity is right for a client’s portfolio?

We don’t. We provide the options, but clients ultimately decide. As part of our outside-in research, we build a view of our client’s business model, structure, capabilities, skills, expertise, and partner ecosystems. These insights help us define guardrails – or ‘no-go’ areas. 

What role do futurists play in generating market insights?

Our global network of gurus and futurists provide thought-provoking insights and possible future scenarios that stimulate the divergent thinking process.

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