We design exponential growth strategies to help future-focused leaders change the game.

Bold aspirations require a practical plan to achieve results. We work with our clients to design exponential growth strategies, with the right leadership, capital allocation, and governance to ensure success.

A pipeline of ambitious opportunities, balanced by a well-defined view of risks and “no-go” areas is used to design a robust, high-impact game plan to not only empower the current business, but also supercharge the future.

In our experience, the best game plans are founded on proven corporate venturing principles. We identify proprietary methods, informed and validated by deep research, eliminating guesswork.

What makes our strategy development approach different?

Futureworld-strategy development_how are we different

We design exponential growth strategies and simplify their communication.

disruptive tech

We integrate disruptive technologies that enable unique market advantage.


We establish focused corporate venture capital vehicles to build game-changing new businesses.

sucessful implementation

We ensure the successful implementation of strategies we design.

In order to achieve exponential growth, you must focus both on defending your business of today and building your business – or businesses – of tomorrow.

Unhindered by a definition of ‘core business’, we help you to see the possibilities the future holds and work with you to design new businesses to capitalize on those opportunities. 

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Questions about the Design phase.

What is an exponential growth strategy?

An exponential growth strategy is not linear growth based on a historic compound annual growth rate. It is a blueprint for identifying disruptive, new business opportunities through which organizations can disrupt the market and devastate incumbents. The impacts start off as a ripple on the horizon, often unnoticed. However, its momentum and impact doubles every year, until it becomes a tsunami that causes mass extinction of existing propositions in short order. Think of DVDs and CDs being replaced by digital downloads. Often organizations miss disruptive propositions because, when they notice it they believe it to be too small to warrant management attention. By the time it does, it is too late. Futureworld starts by looking at the future and identifying new playing fields for clients and specific business opportunities within these playing fields to supercharge shareholder and stakeholder value.

What are 'guardrails'?

Guardrails are predefined playing fields that an organization has determined sits outside their scope. By way of example, it may be certain geographies, or investments that are not carbon-neutral. Defining the guardrails sharpens the focus on playing fields that provide viable options. We collaboratively define these with our clients up front to ensure alignment throughout the strategy development process.

What is a ‘business of tomorrow’?

The ‘business of today’ is a client’s current business to be incrementally grown over time, using a proven business and operating model. The ‘business of tomorrow’ unlocks exponential growth because the strategies we develop are unhindered by a definition of ‘core business’. At Futureworld, we don’t only look at the business of today. We help our clients visualize a future business – the business of tomorrow – based on the signals we see and the opportunities they present.

How does Futureworld support the initiation of an exponential growth strategy?

A strategy breakaway is an important step on an exponential growth journey. High-impact leadership and strategy breakaways choreographed by Futureworld are unique and create enormous momentum for change in leadership teams, raise their ambitions, and deepen their belief in the ‘art of the possible’.

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