Bright Simons

African Platform Economics Futurist, Business Strategist & Keynote Speaker

Bright Simons shines as a prominent figure in the field of Platform Economics in Africa. As the President of mPedigree, Bright has cemented his reputation as a dynamic futurist keynote speaker. His journey from a business consultant to leading one of the most revolutionary social enterprises showcases his in-depth expertise and dedication towards harnessing technology for societal good. Recognized for his unparalleled acumen in strategizing for the future, Bright is a sought-after strategy consulting expert and a prominent guest speaker at numerous international forums.


As the visionary president of mPedigree, Bright Simons made it his mission to secure communities from the perils of counterfeiting. His platform collaborates with governments and Fortune 500 companies, delving deep into sectors like health, agriculture, cosmetics, and the automotive industry.

For over a decade, Bright’s disruptive thinking has fueled mPedigree’s innovations, transitioning it from a supply chain-centric platform to one embracing smart sensors, analytics, and intelligent decision systems.

Supported by the likes of Harvard Innovation Labs, Bright’s explorations into smart polymers are pushing the boundaries of health tech solutions. Apart from mPedigree, Bright has been a beacon in public policy, civic activism, and citizen journalism.

His writings are featured in prestigious platforms like Harvard Business Review, Quartz magazine, and BBC’s Business Daily show. His commendable roles in global forums such as the Microsoft Africa Advisory Council, World Economic Forum’s Africa Strategy Group, and the Centre for Global Development’s Study Group on Technology showcase his extensive influence in shaping the future.

Internationally recognized bodies like the World Bank, UNECA, and USAID frequently make use of his strategy consulting expertise, further solidifying his reputation as a key figure in the global innovation landscape.

Bright Simons - Key Themes and domains of excellence

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