Doug Vining

Futureworld Speaker, Strategy & Technology Consultant

Doug Vining is a mastermind in the realms of technology, strategy, and futurism. As a distinguished partner at Futureworld, his legacy stretches across a career that embraces both business strategy and emerging technological innovations. With a distinctive talent for identifying the real-world applications of new technologies, Doug’s thought leadership has not only shaped discussions but also provided actionable solutions for modern-day challenges. His expertise in fractal organizations, digital strategies, and forward-looking innovations marks him as one of the luminaries in his field.


In the domain of business and technology, few figures shine as brightly as Doug Vining. As an integral partner at Futureworld, his expertise extends beyond mere strategy into the universe of emergent technologies. With an illustrious career, Doug has been a witness, participant, and often, a precursor to the ebb and flow of technological evolutions.

True innovation, in Doug’s perspective, transcends mere novelty. It carries the weight of genuine commercial viability and the promise to address global challenges. His forte encompasses the vast terrains of digital and business strategies, culminating in insights on emerging tech trends. With competencies in marketing, customer relationships, software development, and venture capital, Doug’s holistic view of the business ecosystem is unparalleled.

His editorial contributions to Mindbullets and the helm at FutureNova Consulting further accentuate his esteemed position in futurism. Particularly, his explorative journey into the skies with “Flying into the Future” delves deep into the prospective trajectories of aerial transportation.

The bedrock of Doug’s philosophy is the transformative power of communication technology. He envisions it as the linchpin that fuels exponential knowledge growth, holding the potential to redress numerous global challenges. His dedication is unwavering, always striving to prep organizations for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Navigating the seas of a constantly evolving business environment requires a compass as adept as Doug Vining. His specialized skill set, encompassing knowledge collaboration, fractal organizations, and online media, is a beacon for organizations aspiring to lead in their domains. In summary, Doug Vining is not just a visionary but a beacon in futurism, marrying the promise of technology with the tenets of robust business strategy, ensuring organizations don’t merely predict, but actively shape their futures.

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