Gerd Leonhard

Futureworld Keynote Speaker | Futurist / Humanist, CEO

Gerd Leonhard is a shining star in the world of futurism, highlighting a bright future centered around “People, Planet, Purpose, and Prosperity.” Known worldwide as a top futurist and business strategist, Gerd has shared his deep insights at more than 1700 major events in the past 20 years. Having worked with big names like Google, Visa, and the European Commission, Gerd’s goal is clear and powerful: to motivate and help countless people imagine and create a better future.


Gerd Leonhard’s journey in shaping “The Good Future” is a testament to his dedication and expertise. As one of the world’s top-rated keynote futurist speakers, Gerd’s influence has been sought by industry giants like Microsoft, NBC, L’Oréal, and IBM, to name a few.

His bestseller, “Technology vs Humanity: The Coming Clash Between Man and Machine,” encapsulates his vision of digital ethics, human-centric technology, and sustainable futures. Beyond the traditional stage, since 2020, Gerd has revolutionized the ‘keynote television’ style, emerging as a sought-after virtual keynote presenter globally.

Diverse in his achievements, Gerd’s roots trace back to music. A recipient of the Berklee College of Music’s Quincy Jones Award in 1985, he dedicated a decade to his passion for music before transitioning as a digital entrepreneur in San Francisco. Gerd’s literary contributions extend beyond futurism, with influential titles like “The Future of Music”, “Friction is Fiction”, and “From Ego to Eco”.

Gerd’s ethos resonates through his titles: Humanist, Keynote Futurist Speaker, Author, and Filmmaker. He casts a wide net, covering sectors from technology and artificial intelligence to climate change, healthcare, and mobility. Central to Gerd’s discourse is “The Good Future” – an optimistic, hopeful vision that defines and strives for the collective good of humanity.

Gerd Leonhard - Key Themes and domains of excellence

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