A Thousand Future Thoughts

At Futureworld we challenge and provoke our clients to shatter the business-as-usual mindset, to help them understand the future, so they can design and create new game-changing businesses that will propel their enterprises into that chosen future.

Every Thursday, Futureworld produces Mindbullets: News from the Future – a way to spark strategic thinking about leadership, innovation, and disruption. Our Mindbullets scenarios are designed to challenge conventional mindsets and promote understanding of the future context for business, to help you design and create your business of tomorrow.

Throughout history, humans have created and told stories to remember history, convey knowledge, retrace travel routes, visualise concepts, explain ideas, or just to entertain. A story is easy to remember, it can contain subtle messages of values and ethics, it can enlighten the mind, it can evoke emotions, and it can be retold again and again.

A Thousand Future Thoughts is all of that, and so much more. It is a collection of 20 years of storytelling, spanning over 100 years of possible future scenarios across a variety of industries, social developments, political views, and economic systems.

Download the PDF for the full story and a selection of our favourite Mindbullets from the past twenty years.