John Bradshaw

Startup founder, keynote speaker, Mentor

John Bradshaw stands at the crossroads where strategic thinking meets innovative growth. With a foundation rooted deeply in retail and strategy, Bradshaw’s vision encompasses the broad expanse of today’s business landscapes. As a startup founder, futurist keynote speaker, business consultant and mentor, John’s expertise encompasses the strategic application of artificial intelligence, cutting-edge marketing techniques, and the future of eCommerce. His accomplishments in the retail world underscore his ability to fuse technological innovation with customer-centric approaches.


Boasting a robust strategy and retail background, John Bradshaw’s reputation as a changemaker is undisputed. His leadership style emphasizes a culture of inclusivity, driving teams to prioritize customer impact. As a keynote futurist speaker, John’s sessions enlighten audiences with diverse topics, showcasing his ability to forge enduring relationships across different professional tiers.

His executive roles are marked with significant accomplishments, particularly during his tenure at Pick n Pay group, one of Africa’s retail giants. Here, he helmed the Loyalty, Marketing, and Omnichannel sectors, introducing transformative strategies and results. Currently, as the Group Customer Executive at Pepkor Holdings, he continues to influence the retail sector with his forward-thinking approaches.

In 2023, John’s entrepreneurial spirit gave birth to BaobabAI. This venture is dedicated to aiding organizations in leveraging large language models for their pivotal business opportunities. Through BaobabAI, John and his team conduct workshops, guiding executive teams to fathom the impact of models like ChatGPT on their businesses and also embarking on building tools with fine-tuned models and first-party data.

Beyond his business pursuits, John plays an advisory role for Innovation City in Cape Town. His academic excellence shines through his affiliations with esteemed institutions like Oxford University and the University of Cape Town.

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