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Taking the hyperloop or a fast bus is so much quicker

There’s a simple problem with air travel these days, which has proved impossible to solve. The more people that fly, the longer it takes; not just the flight, the queues through security, complex boarding procedures; the inevitable delay before push back; and then queuing for a take-off slot!

It’s becoming increasingly quicker to take an Uber, if it’s not too far, or a train or FastBus. California will have soon have the Hyperloop, with pods that dash through a vacuum tube at aircraft speeds. At least, with those choices, there’s no security hold up, and you get to travel when it suits you, not when it suits them.

As a result, airlines are under pressure to make money. They’ve cut their fares, and have been forced by the authorities to increase their pre-boarding deadlines. Check-in and gates close long before the flight leaves, but have to be staffed with passenger handling and security agents, which eats into profits.

The compliance burden is also weighing heavily on airport companies. Besides taxes, there are innumerable security and immigration regulations which all need to be reported on and audited, and that’s in addition to simple air safety and maintenance of public facilities!

No wonder there’s not much joy in the air travel business these days; planes are more efficient and more comfortable than ever before; online bookings and check-in have put the traveler in charge; but it all falls down when you arrive at the airport, and face those three-hour security queues.

Unless you can afford to fly private, just take the bus!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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