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All I want for Christmas is my freedom back

Personal liberty is in short supply

You would think, now that Covid has been defeated – more or less – that things would open up. That we would be able to move about, socialize, travel, trade, and speak freely about social issues. But that’s just not the case.

Governments and rulers – all governments – love to have control over their citizens and subjects. It makes it easier to maintain law and order, and of course stay in power. Power and control go hand-in-hand and once leaders get the opportunity to tighten curbs on society, they are loath to let go.

The pandemic was a godsend for those in power who felt it slipping away; for leaders vulnerable to popular revolt, or exposed to the naked truth by social media. What better excuse to lockdown communities, ban gatherings, and impose curfews than a highly contagious virus? They even managed to outlaw ‘fake news’ about the situation, and control the narrative.

In autocratic countries, such heavy handedness might be expected; but it soon became apparent that liberal democracies were equally keen to exploit the situation. Postpone or cancel an election? Why not, if it’s for the greater good? Bars and nightclubs are dens of iniquity anyway, and everyone knows alcohol is bad for you!

We’ve adjusted to the new normal. Many of us have accepted vaccine passports, stricter visa requirements, and new social rules. But it’s time to give us our freedom back. Over the ages, people have fought and died for personal liberty. It’s one of the ‘natural’ rights – life, liberty, and property – and one of the most important.

That’s all we want for Christmas. Our freedom back.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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