An ace up your sleeve

Building prosperity in the face of a perfect storm

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the Crypto Crunch, the return of the inflation monster, and the big Tech Takedown. We’ve also seen disruptive forces at work in geopolitics, resources, food, and energy. In these turbulent times it pays to have an ace up your sleeve.

A wise investor knows it’s a good idea to hold some liquid reserves to weather the storm. Usually this in the form of cash, but inflation and policy swings make holding cash a risky strategy. Some prefer gold or solid stocks like Alphabet, that are easily converted to cash.

The future is unpredictable, and disruption is inevitable. The exponential future will be based on urban communities, digital infrastructure and green industries; but the road to that ‘Smart Society’ future is full of boulders, twists and turns. Everything is going digital; every industry is now a tech industry, and the pace of change is accelerating.

Hyper volatility is the new normal. Technology choices in some cases will disappoint, and bold plans will fail. It’s more important than ever to be comfortable with chaos, resigned to randomness, and undeterred by uncertainty. Seeing disruption as an opportunity and embracing agility and experimentation are key to surfing the tsunami and riding out the maelstrom.

Fostering a mindset in your business that understands how the future works; designing agile plans that can adapt to – and capitalize on – sudden change; and having the fortitude to create the future you really want. That’s how you thrive in the perfect storm.

And that’s your true ace-in-the-hole.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

Despite appearances to the contrary, Futureworld cannot and does not predict the future. Our Mindbullets scenarios are fictitious and designed purely to explore possible futures, challenge and stimulate strategic thinking. Use these at your own risk. Any reference to actual people, entities or events is entirely allegorical. Copyright Futureworld International Limited. Reproduction or distribution permitted only with recognition of Copyright and the inclusion of this disclaimer.