MindBullets 20 Years

Australia rules!

It’s not the African Decade after all

Contrary to many expectations among economists and trend watchers, the 2020s have not favoured Africa with a huge growth spurt or demographic dividend.

With the rise and rise of China – and other southeast Asia countries – the biggest markets in the world are no longer in Europe or North America. In fact, five of the largest economies are not from the west. In addition, over half the global population lives within 2,000 miles of Myanmar.

In this digitally connected, borderless world, you would think that geography only plays a minor part in business success. But Australia has managed to mine two unique natural resources that stem from its location. Besides minerals, which have proved lucrative in the past, Australia has abundant solar energy, and also lies in the ideal time zone to conduct business with the Asian-Pacific gorillas. Online businesses operate 24 hours per day, but there are still benefits from being aligned with normal human daily activity.

Remote working became a big thing during the Covid pandemic, and many companies adopted a hybrid approach, taking the best talent available, no matter where they were based. But it’s difficult to have a team meeting on Zoom when some people have to get up at 3am to attend. You’re not going to get maximum productivity.

Energy is the other game-changer; Australia now boasts the third-largest solar capacity in the world, and has developed a green hydrogen export industry second to none, with ready markets in Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Climate change has made the country drier and hotter, but the sun has never shone so brightly!

Yes, it’s true. Australia rules. Advance, Australia fair!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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