And we'll connect on the interplanetary internet

Ten years ago we witnessed the first private, robotic mission to Mars, which also led to the start of an internet network linking all the rovers and probes stationed there. Shortly afterwards NASA managed to establish the first manned outpost on the Moon, linking up to the Space Station.

Then came MarsOne. Just three years ago SpaceX’s first fully reusable rocket ferried a small group of earthlings to the red planet where they started a colony. The human race became a Multiplanetary Civilization. One of the first projects the Mars pioneers started working on when they landed? The interplanetary internet, of course.

The interplanetary internet has long been in the making, but now that the Sirius Foundation has solved the quantum computing riddle, the once impossible dream is morphing into reality. Currently they are collaborating with techies across the globe, from Silicon Valley to Kenya’s Silicon Savannah, in order to perfect the data transfer protocol prototype.

Sirius chairman George O’Malley is optimistic: “Intergalactic data transfer is about 95% secure now and the system is totally usable – as long as you’re not discussing state secrets! In about a year’s time I believe we will have managed to reach 99% security. Then the possibilities for what we can achieve will be truly infinite.”

Space tourism companies are rejoicing, because these developments are opening up a whole new market which they can saturate – the first movers at least. You see, up until now life in space didn’t look all that attractive to the average explorer, in fact the long journeys are downright boring; but now that there’s Intergalactic Internet, it’s a different story. Elon Musk has been inundated with calls and offers from celebrities wanting to get out there to experience it all for themselves – as long as they can stay in touch with those back home.

The quantum internet’s development has also made life on Earth a whole lot better for those who want to keep their feet on the ground. The global web is virtually instantaneous, secure, and free. Business – and pleasure – has never been so easy. And even though my Valentine’s on Mars today, I’m not blue… because now we can use Skype to share a kiss or two.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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