MindBullets 20 Years


Directors lament the 'Good Old Days'

Whoever would have thought, in the dying days of the 20th Century, that movies would one day be called ‘intelligent entertainment’? ‘My Life’, the winning movie at this year’s Cannes Festival might have been called a ‘video game’ in 20th Century parlance.

My Life is a stunningly interactive experience that learns from the audience watching it, interacts with them and then changes the plot accordingly. It is equally comfortable with an audience of 500 or an intimate couple.

The technology platform evolved from Wii and Virtual Worlds, coupled with new ‘quantum relationship’ algorithms developed by social networks.

This kind of ‘intelligent entertainment’ involves all the human senses and the experience is close to actually being there. One media hack was simply bowled over. “This is beyond science fiction. This is better than reality. It want it at home and I want it now!”

Until prices come down we’ll have to trek to movie theaters for the complete sensual gaming experience.

But AppleCore has leaked details of their ‘iAm Beyond Reality’ product. It is part physical device, part cloud software and part chip implant. It promises “Everything you always wanted to experience, but were afraid to imagine!” In the comfort of your home.

“You can’t take this seriously,” growled one old director. “This technology robs the author of the authority to develop a powerful storyline – it’s all being handed to the end user, to ‘the crowd’. Where’s the art in that?”

But games now gross ten times as much as movies. Let’s just call the whole thing ‘intelligent entertainment’ and be done with it.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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