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Carbon crushes metals magnates

Carbon nanoforms power the next industrial revolution

A revolution is taking place in the manufacturing industry, and it’s all thanks to carbon. Scientists and engineers have discovered that carbon and its nanoforms, such as graphene, nanotubes, and graphene oxides, can replace many metals used in industry, including copper, zinc, platinum, indium, silver, and chromium.

This breakthrough has far-reaching implications for high-tech manufacturing. Carbon nanoforms are lightweight, flexible, and incredibly strong, making them perfect for use in everything from electronics to aerospace and transport. They are also highly conductive, making them ideal for use in batteries and solar cells.

The benefits of using graphene oxides are not limited to industry, however. The shift away from traditional metals means a significant reduction in mining and extraction, which is not only better for the environment but also for communities that are adversely affected by mining. It’s a double-edged sword for workers, as jobs shift from mining to rehabilitation and technology.

Until now, replacing electrical wiring and conductors – typically copper and silver alloys – with graphene and carbon nanowires has been prohibitively expensive, but recent breakthroughs in 3D printing at the nanoscale, coupled with rocketing metals prices, have made carbon the cheapest choice. Power electronics and electric car motors have never been so efficient and light weight.

The implications of this technology are not limited to manufacturing. Carbon nanoforms are also being used in the construction industry, replacing traditional materials like steel and concrete. The result is buildings that are stronger, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable.

The future of manufacturing is here, thanks to carbon. With the ability to replace industrial metals, this breakthrough technology is a game-changer that is set to revolutionize the way we think about raw materials, and heralds the eventual demise of the metals mining industry as we know it.

Mining giants that made the shift from gold and silver to lithium and copper now have to reinvent themselves once again!

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