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New construction models will enable reassembly in 21 days

After a massive flood, caused by a higher-than-expected rise in sea-level for this year, the Bangladeshi textile industry has been mired in chaos. The behemoth factory of Indami textiles is a mess of drenched material and soiled garments. Critical machinery has also been rendered totally useless. They have cancelled all orders and are only expected to be back in production six months from now.

Fortunately, not everyone remained unprepared. The owner of the small, but always nimble Dashy factory network – which did not suffer any damage – was all too boastful last night. He explained to the media how his contingency plan saved his business and how he’ll be futureproofing even more.

“While my countermeasures kept us safe until now, I believe that the time to move is upon us. All of my operations will be disassembled and rebuilt in the hilly regions of the East.”

Some of the current infrastructure will be transported by trucks and drones and repurposed using 3D printers. “I’m also very excited about the dynamic nanotech materials that will cover the exterior. These materials will enable the architecture to adapt to different weather conditions; like expanding to produce more shade in hot weather and contracting when it’s cooler,” he said.

The shipment of these engineering wonders arrives tomorrow and the whole process is scheduled to take a mere three weeks. No doubt your Christmas snowflake sweater will be coming from Dashy this year.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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