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You can thank grandpa for those wonderful genes of yours

Globalization and mostly-free movement of people has been all well and good so far, but when some localities are being inundated by masses looking for the Italian Dream or the life of plenty in Portugal, it’s only a matter of time before a tipping point is reached.

After the migrant influx of the 20/teens, EU bureaucrats are having a tough time; too many people, too few resources. Now, several governments have started to add a genetic component to their immigration programs in order to cope with the huge number of foreigners wanting to enter wealthy countries.

The United Kingdom and Germany have decided to use cutting edge genetic analysis, to establish which people have the best potential future as citizens. Longevity and the predisposition for disease are of primary concern.

Successful applicants who are likely to die before age 65 will have to pay 4% more in annual taxes and those who are at risk of developing conditions like Alzheimer’s, or who have a genetic marker for addiction, will have higher healthcare premiums. The other side of the coin is that migrants who are expected to live beyond 85, must agree to pay 6% more when it comes to pension contributions.

Activist group #BordersMustFall has called the proposal ludicrous and discriminatory. Can a person really be blamed for their genes? In a holographic broadcast, Munich mayor Gretel Berenbeck addressed the issue by saying: “Life simply is not fair, and we have reached our ‘capacity’ for caring. We cannot just let more people in, without knowing that they will carry their own weight. All we’re actually trying to do is safeguard the welfare state – or what’s left of it!”

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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