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Democrats propose to vote someone out of government each month

The traditional run-up to the presidential election is being heavily influenced by the seventh season of American Idol. Yesterday’s final garnered more than 100 million votes – almost twice the number of any presidential election.

The Democrats have been quick to pounce on these lessons from reality television. “Big Brother showed us how to get real democratic participation and now we have seen that the population is prepared to get involved, as long as the issues are real and the outcome immediate.” said Al Gore, strategic advisor to the party.

The proposal is to have regular polls with voters connected directly to central government consequences.

Today, 65% of American homes have a broadband internet connection and 90% of voting-age adults have a mobile phone. There is no reason not to use this for the election later this year. The Republicans are vocally against any such measures.

“In addition to electing a popular president, we want to give everyone the right to vote someone out of government each month,” said Gore. “Isn’t this what democracy is supposed to be all about? We have the technology and the connectivity, now let’s connect all Americans to the issues that matter to them, every day!”

This blend of American Idol and The Apprentice may well prove to be the antithesis of Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’. Perhaps this is not what was intended by e-government, but we simply can’t wait to hear the judges’ comments on the first five potential evictees.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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