MindBullets 20 Years

I used to drive a supercomputer

Now my car runs my startup banking business

Electric cars have come a long way, and because they can virtually drive themselves, they’re packed with computer chips and smart software that makes the typical model more powerful than 350 laptops. And they’ve got hyper cloud connectivity to boot!

When I was a freelance consultant and expected to commute to clients, my office was the trunk of my car, which was where I kept essential paperwork and the audio-visual kit for keynotes. Now my office is in the garage, and so is my supercomputer car, which runs my digital business, with power to spare.

It was pure serendipity, but the graphics chips that are needed for smart cameras and sensors, image recognition and machine learning, are the same hardware used in crypto mining rigs, and for AI enabled fintech work. And because the auto companies put so much effort into perfecting self-driving, you’re getting a connected supercomputer at bargain basement prices. With our Tesla solar roof and the car’s awesome battery capacity, there’s always enough juice to run the business 24/7.

Access to virtual servers in the cloud is great when you’re getting started, but it’s no substitute for ownership of your own supersmart system when you want to dominate your niche. I’ve got direct access to the programming and can change things in real time; if I need to relocate in case of an emergency, the whole thing is mobile and ready to go! And when my co-founders join me for a working lunch, we’ve got a complete datacenter parked in the driveway. Almost for free.

Remote working has become the norm, so I’ve co-opted my spouse’s car as a backup unit – a complete mirror site, to guarantee zero downtime or business interruption. And if he does need to go somewhere or drop off the kids, there’s always Uber.

Why drive a supercomputer, when you can use it to run your business instead?

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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