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The Internet data scrub

UN declares war on fake news and dodgy data

Did you notice the long delay when opening your website, Facebook, Insta, X, or TikTok feed earlier this morning? No? Well, do we have news for you!

Today is the first day of a new era of people power! Today is the first day since the start of the internet back in 1983, where you can be sure that all data you see is labeled and authenticated. Gone are the days of being fed fake news, creepily good deep fakes, and outright falsehoods.

Last night, the United Nations unleashed its highly disputed data scrubbing AIs across all internet domains and all social media sites. The drastic action was a unique response from a unified world addressing a growing worldwide problem: The avalanche of Large Language Models (LLMs) and AIs that emerged in the early 2020s, mostly trained on un-curated datasets pulled from the internet containing both facts and falsehoods. The hallucinations, incorrect answers, and the divisions they created in society had started to spin out of control.

Spearheaded by the USA and Canada, supported by the AU, EU, ASEAN, UNASUR, BRICS, and The Arab League, the UN General Assembly unanimously agreed to purge the internet of false data. An obvious solution, but one that proved almost impossible to agree on and even harder to implement. Or as one UN Ambassador quipped: “It was easier to agree on protecting peoples’ rights to their own data, than to agree that all data available on the internet should be factually correct or labeled as fiction.”

The freedom of speech movement went into overdrive trying to block the intervention and an acceptable compromise was reached: No data would be erased, but everything would be labeled as Verified Correct, Verified False, Fiction, Opinion, Interpretation of Facts, and Unverified.

The head of the classification task team, Professor Emilia Moore from Tsinghua University, estimates that all sites and social media accounts will be scanned and labeled by Christmas.

Human rights organizations and some companies have voiced grave concerns about the underlying intent, and are warning of “utopian autocratic information control.” The last word in this story has not yet been labeled.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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