MindBullets 20 Years

It’s not rocket science

Your children will need more than just technical skills

We’ve reached the age of skilled machines, a new age of enlightenment, where automated systems are often smarter than most people. Not because they are more inventive, but because they can think faster, and sift through masses of data, coming to conclusions more rapidly than humans.

How do you prepare your children to live and thrive in this technologically dominated environment? Not by teaching them math and coding – those are just basic life skills! No, to rise above the average, kids today need to learn how to continuously learn, create, and reinvent themselves.

As Jack Ma said, almost a decade ago: “Don’t be afraid of machines, that they’ll take your job. Machines are smart, but they don’t have heart. Humans have heart!”

Twenty years ago, it was economics, finance and commerce that young people needed to study to succeed in business. Then it became all about tech; science, maths and engineering were the keys to a richly rewarded career. But all along, entrepreneurs like Jobs, Bezos, Musk and Ma were the standout performers.

Now it’s no longer about managing money or tech wizardry – the machines handle most of that. Now it’s about creativity, lateral thinking, empathy and perseverance – swimming against the tide to achieve a dream; intuition and heart, to make your customers call you a hero!

That’s the best advice you can give your kids; they shouldn’t try to learn from the past. Instead they should learn curiosity and agility, and how to continuously reinvent themselves. As for you, it’s never too late, to unlearn, and relearn – you can even learn from the kids!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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