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Wristify lets you get rid of the air conditioning unit and throw out central heating too

Those whizz-kids from MIT have done it again. This time they have produced a ‘personal climate control’ system. It’s like one of those balance bracelets, but regulates your body temperature with a thermo-electric cell.

Wristify will change the way we keep our cool, both indoors and on the go. Central heating and air conditioning are obsolete. Just strap on the wrist band and you can set your personal comfort level.

“Why heat or cool a building when you can heat or cool a person?” says Colin Shames, the product leader of the new spin-off. “And it even works outdoors, where aircon isn’t feasible.” The device runs all day off a power pack smaller than a smartphone.

Disruptive technology like this is bound to impact heavily on the heating and cooling industries, particularly in the home. The energy sector too will feel the benefits of reduced demand. Consumers across the world are welcoming this affordable way to offset the high cost of energy devoted to air conditioning. In the US it is estimated to account for 17% of total energy use.

Smart watch manufacturer Samsung says the next version of the Galaxy Gear will include personal climate control, licensed from Wristify. That will heat up the personal electronic devices market!

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