MindBullets 20 Years

Magic mirrors make marketing fun

Augmented reality selling seals the deal

How do you let someone test a product or article of clothing without using samples? A virtual reality demo, that’s how. And to highlight your product on a cluttered shelf, you would use augmented reality to add visual cues, and data.

This is the new world of Digital Reality, a blend of VR, AR and well, just normal ‘reality’. And whether it’s through a smartphone, digital glasses or an in-store display, digital reality is becoming big business.

A customer walks past your magic mirror, and suddenly they’re wearing your outfit, looking like a ramp model as they twirl and give themselves a once-over. Or they stand next to a new car in the showroom, and say “Let’s see that in cherry red?” And it’s done.

Down the supermarket aisle they go, and everything they need for tonight’s menu leaps out at them. Well, not physically of course, just visually. And all the information like kilojoules and ethical cred is right there in front of them.

Digital glasses have taken off in recent years, and there are more than 500 million in use now. That’s a big market, where your virtual shop assistants, driven by data and machine learning, are constantly looking for every opportunity to make a sales pitch, or close the deal – with accurate, relevant, personalized info.

And the best part of digital reality marketing? People love it! Who wants to look at boring TV commercials, when you can immerse yourself in the action, try the style, and live the dream? It’s fun!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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