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Apple in decline as consumers, and businesses, vote with their wallets

The votes are in, and there’s a new winner in the global race to be the biggest and best tech company. And the winner is Microsoft!

Just four years ago, Apple was king of the heap, selling millions of (Chinese made) devices a month, and being rated as the world’s most valuable company, and tech brand. Now it’s Microsoft’s turn to shine, as Apple stumbles.

Surprisingly, tech upstarts who became giants worked in the same domain – moving high tech systems and devices into the personal, consumer space. That’s where the big money lies. And toppling the older, corporate giants in the process.

Microsoft did that to IBM decades ago. Then Apple rose to center stage with its cool devices, also helping to make individuals, not companies, the core of the tech experience. But Apple was a victim of its own success, fighting patent battles with emerging giants like Samsung, and miring itself in ever-increasing bureaucracy. The best innovators at Apple were stifled, and leaked away.

Microsoft bit the bullet and began a comeback, even as analysts were writing it off. Windows 8 and Surface tablets were just examples of a new philosophy. Microsoft began beating Apple at its own game – putting cool devices and slick experiences into the hands of the users, but without losing their corporate support.

Facing declining revenues from iTunes and eBooks, Apple is yesterday’s hero. Apple fanatics are still out there, but Microsoft has the mass business and consumer tech market sown up.

But nothing lasts forever. After Microsoft, who will be the next tech leader?

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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