Party like it’s your birthday, every day

The Roaring Twenties are back!

The dancing shoes have been dusted off and the champagne fountains are overflowing.

After more than two years of being cooped up indoors, humanity is now venturing out again en masse. To the rooftop bars, the discos, the street cafes. Our homes are empty, except for the absolute necessity of sleeping every night.

You see, people are so over virtual and digital and are placing a premium on IRL (in real life) experiences. So much so, that it seems that almost all the pandemic trends have started to reverse. The streets are humming, traffic is jumping, clubs are buzzing and the music is thumping.

Apple has recorded a dramatic drop in screen time, the lowest it has registered since it started the measurement. Netflix has had its slowest year yet. For anything other than work, people aren’t interested in looking at their devices anymore.

Sourdough starters are long dead as loungewear is being replaced with high heels and bow ties. There’s a lot of touching, hugging and kissing. Social distancing? What’s that? The travel market is booming like never before as people are aiming to get to their dream destinations before the next external shock hits. No more black swans, please!

It’s like the last three years didn’t really happen at all. There’s so much mingling, eating and drinking, moving and shaking… let’s just hope that we don’t bring about a whole new pandemic with the release of all our pent-up energy.

But we’ll worry about that tomorrow; right now, it’s party time!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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