Vortex based on the golden ratio boosts wireless signals exponentially

Nature always chooses the path of least resistance. Nature always seeks to optimize available energy, and the golden ratio, phi, is at the heart of the spiral and fractal designs we see everywhere in the natural world.

That’s because phi maximizes the return on stored energy and minimizes losses and friction. Whether it’s growing a lily or building a nautilus shell, or even directing water down the plughole; the golden ratio makes it easiest to accomplish.

What works for energy also works for information; even the helical twist of DNA is based on phi. Engineers at MIT, newly enamoured of biomimicry, have taken a leaf out of nature’s book, and designed a method of propagating radio waves that utilizes phi’s constructive interference patterns and resonant harmonics to get much more bang for the buck.

Instead of a linear sine wave, phi streaming uses the golden ratio to exponentially amplify transmissions from the same power source, making digital wireless signals more powerful, more reliable, and ultimately capable of carrying vastly more information, with greater integrity and security.

Early proponents of the new protocol were dubbing it 7G, but it’s way beyond that; it’s more like 24G. Let’s just call it PhivG.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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