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Sleeping beauties heal themselves

The answer is more than a good night's rest

Remember the classic doctor’s advice? “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.” It often worked, as after a restful night made more comfortable by the analgesic, you no longer needed the doctor the next day.

Since then self-administered remedies have come a long way, and many of us have smart devices and wearables that monitor our health and well-being, providing us with personalized recommendations for preventative as well as curative therapies.

But how do we maximize the benefits of a good night’s rest, and make the most of the opportunity to restore and revitalize our bodies while we sleep? With smart pyjamas of course!

A new range of sleepwear from Under Armour incorporates the latest bio-ceramic technology and advanced anti-bacterial materials to actively promote healing and recovery, while simultaneously rejuvenating your skin. It’s like having a spa treatment every night.

Using your own body heat to ‘power’ the system, smart pyjamas reflect invisible infrared waves back into your joints and muscles, soothing aches and pains, and reducing inflammation, while stimulating circulation. The good vibes help your body to heal itself.

Also, in the planning stages are smart underwear and accessories like knee and ankle braces, even headscarves, to assist with a range of problems from infertility to migraine – and everything in between. While not classed as medical products, results from testing by sports stars have been extremely positive.

So if you suffer from arthritis, back pain, minor injuries like cuts and abrasions, bruising and stiffness, the answer is simple. Just sleep it off!

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