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Your personal information now under your direct control

Think about the real meaning of ‘wealth’. It really isn’t just your financial resources. The holistic sum of your personal wealth includes health, education, attitude and your personal networks.

HSBC has taken this idea to heart and launched a brand new service that aims to address all your privacy concerns and gives you a Personal Wealth Balance Sheet like no other before.

Under the brand DNAture, HSBC has teamed up with Deloitte and several cloud computing infrastructure providers to bring you global access to your personal information, with a multiplicity of local storage choices. Choosing where in the world your data is stored may ultimately affect the degree of government access. HSBC says it has the global coverage to give its clients perfect local choice.

For example, should you visit a doctor or hospital, you simply give the service provider access to a selected part of your personal information by linking your cell phone to theirs. The data is never stored on their systems and any updates, such as a new scan of your liver, will be instantly updated to your DNAture personal wealth data base.

“Privacy of data is now under your personal control, wherever you are in the world. Others will only have access if you authorize it – and only read access for a short duration,” says DNAture CEO Hank Wong Sui. “Cloud computing has allowed us to offer a service that is ‘almost free’. We will be looking at more and more value-added services so that governments can embrace this service for all citizens.”

It is expected that DNAture could revolutionize health care and many financial services. Educational establishments are already keen to reconcile their internal records with those on personal data bases and CVs. It is expected that many audit firms and other trusted brands will want to cash in on the business of authenticating persoanl information.

“We are trying to create a new age of trusted personal information – without the privacy issues so prevalent in the past. And of course we want to be the customer’s only choice in this regard,” sums up Sui.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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