MindBullets 20 Years


Millions of jobs have gone to the machines – and now at the top end too!

It was way back in 2012 that we predicted that by 2022, your boss would be a machine. We were wrong.

It’s happened this year, 2020, a full two years earlier. And it’s not some semi-smart robot taking over a drudge job on the factory line. That’s old news. Instead, BeyondBlue, the world’s latest neural supercomputer, has been made CEO of a major corporation!

And it’s the corporation that actually developed BeyondBlue; none other than Amabim, the massive technology and retail conglomerate created in 2017 when Amazon took over IBM. Amabim announced this week that BeyondBlue had moved into the corner office, figuratively, to run the entire multi-billion-dollar business.

BeyondBlue is as much a physical machine as it is a super-sophisticated set of analytical algorithms capable of assessing any given situation in microseconds, weighing up tens of thousands of possibilities, and delivering an immediate and precise decision. This latest supercomputer, according to the media announcement, is 10,000 times smarter than IBM’s famous Watson computer, the preeminent super-intelligent computer of the previous decade.

Interestingly, Watson was deeply involved in creating its new big brother, as was a massive team of human developers.

“BeyondBlue is logical, rational, unemotional and capable of far better decisions that any human CEO,” said Amabim Chief Intelligence guru Zhang Zhou. “It never gets led astray by fluctuating moods or extraneous factors. It never has a bad day, or gets sick or drinks too much at lunch. This is the ultimate decision-making machine.”

The International Institute of Directors issued a subdued comment on BeyondBlue’s arrival, stating that while it recognized the computer’s analytical skills, it still believed that human intuition and experience were better suited to the complex job of running a major corporation.

Time will tell, but investors are happy – Amabim’s stock leapt 17% on the announcement of BeyondBlue’s appointment.

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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