Wireless internet reinvented

5G is more than just a speed upgrade - it's mission critical

It’s finally here, and 5G mobile broadband isn’t just a quicker internet – it’s going to save us from the future!

You’ll forgive me for being a bit cynical, but we all remember the hype surrounding 4G wireless broadband, how it would solve all our congestion problems, and allow us to watch live-streamed video on our phones. Then finally the LTE (Long Term Evolution) demos began, and it looked so cool.

And then another wait, while the handset makers caught up, until Bingo! you could get an iPhone with LTE/4G. Except you didn’t always have an LTE signal, and when you found 4G it wasn’t anything like WiFi, but much slower. A bit of an anti-climax to say the least.

But the very worst thing was, if you were say, at a sports match, and trying to watch something live streamed on your phone, and a 1,000 other sports fans were doing the same, the network fell over and you got zip, zilch, nada. So much for 4G. So much for the ‘Internet of Everything’.

This time it’s different. It’s taken a whole lot longer, just to agree the standard for 5G, and it’s still not fully available on all the popular phones, but 5G is the bomb!

Not only is it truly like wireless fiber, super fast, but it’s a really ‘fat pipe’, which means hordes of people can video call and live stream, even at the same match or rock concert, without tripping each other up.

But the best, most amazing thing is, 5G is going save us from the future – because there’s zero lag. So if your driverless car needs instant decision feedback or your AI assistant needs to check the cloud for real-time answers, it’s right there. And we’re not even mentioning passenger drones.

It’s called latency, and it’s mission critical. Imagine that you’re heading for an intersection, and you’re relying on the previous generation network to tell you if the light is green; that’s a disaster waiting to happen. But with almost zero ping time, 5G is here – to save us from the future!

Warning: Hazardous thinking at work

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